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We know craft, we know your scope of work, and we have perfectly qualified trades people ready.

We recruit Industrial Craft and Supervision. Our goal is to deliver the highest skilled craft workers available to valued clients.

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industrial construction

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our owner was a successful recruiting director

The owner of Dutch Resources was a successful Recruiting Director at a major East Coast industrial construction company and is a recognized craft recruiting subject matter expert who has given presentations on craft recruiting to organizations around the United States – such as a piece on Welder Recruitment to the American Welding Society and it’s members.. With hands-on experience at high-profile construction sites, Dutch Resources understands the specific skills needed for a project. A client won’t have to explain the difference between Chrome/Carbon, TIG/STICK welding in different areas of a plant, and the client won’t have to explain the importance of being on-schedule and on-budget.

Mission Statement

We strive to outwork everyone in our industry and we excel with industry-leading metrics so that we can deliver highly competent and professional workers who are perfectly qualified for our clients’ projects quicker than everyone else.


what people are saying

Darrin’s knowledge of welder recruiting and the different types of scope we execute has helped us on every project we use him on. Very happy with the result after 5 years of working together.
Dutch Resources’ ability to quickly bring different skill sets and large numbers of qualified workers has been very helpful and a critical part of our success. We will bid larger jobs knowing we have them as a partner.
We use Dutch Resources as Plan B to our own recruiting team and they have performed great every time we needed them for large or small needs.

Embroidered Apparel

Check out these quality products exclusively from Dutch Resources.

Embroidered Apparel

Check out these quality products exclusively from Dutch Resources.

available positions

recent job listings

Most job listings are available beginning in early Spring 2023. All jobs require OSHA 10.

Job Title







$37-$65 DOE | Competitive per diem

6/10's & 7/10's




TBA - Spring 2023


90 Days

Tube Welders

GA / LA / AL

$34-$36 per hour | $100 per diem

6/10's & 7/10's

90 Days



$30-$32 /hr | $100 per diem

6/10's & 7/10's

90 Days

Structural Welders


$30-$34 /hr | $100 per diem

6/10's & 7/10's

90 Days

General Interest

GA / LA / AL


6/10's & 7/10's


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