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A bolt up pipefitter is not the same as a fabricator pipefitter. Our previous work at actual industrial construction companies helped us gain unique depth and knowledge great craft staffing companies need in order to be a true partner on your project. We purposely sought out a diversified range of scopes in order to increase our capacity and be a valuable asset to industrial construction companies like yours and to know what we are doing when you need workers.

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we provide only the precisely skilled workers who can deliver project success

We understand the importance of choosing a craft staffing partner that has scope relevant experience like the work you do. Whether it is carbon steel, HDPE, or specialty alloy, Dutch Resources is prepared to discuss every detail of your project and similar scope we have worked before ourselves. As that craft-staffing partner, we provide only the precisely skilled workers who can deliver project success. Thankfully, we have successfully operated in most industrial environments in our area, and we use that institutional and regional knowledge to make sure you get TIG welders when you need them and not STICK Welders. Take a look at some of our experience on jobs like yours.

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