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We bring innovative and unique experience from our past work in both domestic and international projects.

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We recruit highly skilled welders, crafts people, and supervisors

Dutch Resources is an industrial staffing agency that recruits highly skilled welders, crafts people, and supervisors for some of the largest construction companies in the world. We’re equally adept at recruiting hard-to-find niche experts for smaller, specialized operations.

With decades of experience in skilled trades recruiting for domestic and international projects, Dutch Resources is ideally qualified to help industrial construction companies acquire critical craft resources — quickly and effectively. We use industry-leading metrics for supplying qualified workers.

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In an over-crowded national arena

We became professional problem solvers

We first stepped into this crowded U.S. arena by recruiting specialty welders for powerhouse firms in the Southeast. We hit the ground running: An initial client was having a proficiency problem; the welders it had recruited for a specialty process were achieving only a 20 percent welder pass rate on test days. The unqualified recruits were driving pass rates down and costs up. Enter Dutch Resources: Through our unique process, which is a combination of an old-school little black book approach and new-era social networking approach, we were able to increase our client’s welder pass rate to 94 percent. From that point on, we met welder recruiting challenges head-on and delivered top-quality welders and crafts people to our clients’ projects throughout the Southeast.

Since then, we have been providing craft staffing solutions to a growing list of highly respected clients with much success. The word “solution” is key. Every project is different; that means there are no cookie-cutter plans. Whether you need civil, mechanical, or electrical crafts people, no matter what stage you are at in your project, Dutch Resources can get you the highly skilled people you need, quickly.

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“Knowing thousands of workers isn’t important. Knowing thousands of qualified workers who will come to your job is what makes our projects successful”
– Darrin Vander Toorn.